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On-boarding App

All Aboard!

When new employees start working for De Brauw, they are given access to a mobile app that supports them during the on-boarding process. The app offers information to prepare them for their new job, introduces them to the cultural and practical aspects of working at De Brauw, and helps them find their way during the first few months.

 The content and visual design of first generation of the app didn't offer any connection to De Brauw's Careers website, so they asked us to come up with a new approach. The beginning of a career at the firm is the start of an exciting new journey,  so we approached the app as if it were a travel or survival guide. This concept was applied to both the copy and the visual design.

Even though a lot of content needs to be quite practical, we managed to apply the travel metaphor to the design, navigational structure and copy. Because the app runs on a platform with pre-designed templates, the ability to tailor the design was limited. However, by using relevant imagery and a bright colour palette, we were able to communicate the main theme and create a strong connection to other communication vehicles we developed for De Brauw's employer brand.

The page designs and imagery were based on those used in the Careers website

The app's main navigation

New portrait photography of De Brauw staff shot by Tanya Kangur

Welcome chapter and animation featuring De Brauw staff


The chapter "Getting your Bearings" featuring general information about the firm in text, images as well as video

The "Must See" chapter explains De Brauw's different practice groups

The "Get Packing" chapter features all kinds of tips and tricks on how to prepare for a first day at the firm

Overview of some other pages from the app


Erik Schuur

Creative director, visual concept and design

Paula Reeves


Tanya Kangur