Services & Expertise


Educated as a classic graphic designer, my original speciality is print design. Print design is of course still one of the services I offer, but today a brand is hardly alive without an impactful online presence. I can take care of a varied range of design and branding projects — both print and online, both large and small scale.

Ironically, the incredible growth of digital media has also created an increased need for tangible brand experiences. This has caused a higher demand for all kinds of environmental graphics which have become an expertise I've added to my mix of design services as well.



Every client is different and so are the projects I execute for them. Sometimes the project brief is simple and all demands can be answered by myself. In other cases a project is bigger and more complicated, which means it needs and deserves a larger team.

 That’s why I’ve surrounded my self with a network of other experienced creative and organizational experts. By partnering up with them, I can service almost any client, offering a tailor-made, dedicated team suitable to what a specific project requires.

Clients & Focus Areas


 Let’s be clear — I welcome almost any client. My passion for developing surprising brand experiences and telling visual stories isn’t at all connected to only one kind of client. I love to dive into worlds I am not familiair with and, as long as there is an interesting story to tell, or a story to tell in interesting ways, I'm ready to get going.

However, as time went by, I probably naturally gravitated toward the kind of clients that suit my talents and expertise best. My clients are mostly operating within service or retail markets. They work in fields like law & finance, real estate, healthcare or luxury consumer goods. They can be large-scale, sometimes globally operating corporates or retail chains, but also much small start-ups and service oriented organizations. 



When a project is finished, the creative end result is what most end users will see and remember. However, a project can only be truly successful when there is a clear road map in place. An efficient working process is the key to a great client experience.

My work process consists of seven steps.  While flexibility is always important, process structure can help drive efficiencies - which ultimately underscores respect for the client and respect for their time.